Camel milk now has thousands of happy consumers. Yet there’s confusion about whether raw camel milk is "better" than pasteurized camel milk. Here are some facts.

We sell FLASH PASTEURIZED Camel Milk, meaning the milk gets "flashed" with heat for 15 seconds, and then instantly cooled. This technique preserves most of the nutrients in the milk rather than losing it due to regular pasteurization

As a natural product, any raw milk may offer risks in addition to the benefits of drinking it. While camel milk all over the world has an excellent safety track record, especially compared to cow milk, pasteurization prevents risk for consumers and their families. So how do you choose?

We commissioned a very respected company, Food Lab, Inc. to analyze the nutritional content of raw fresh, pasteurized fresh, and pasteurized frozen and thawed camel milk. The results were remarkable . The differences in each sample were so small they could be equated to “rounding errors.” See our test results below!

We sell FLASH pasteurized camel milk. Trying the milk for yourself or your family is the best way to verify its value. While some companies or sources may make claims about treating various medical conditions, we don’t make any medical claims or give medical advice. We only offer the best pure, Grade A milk for you to enjoy. You can drink, cook, bake, share it with friends, and even travel with it. Your family will support your choices, with less explanation and hassle needed!

Here are our lab results: