I’m Kyle Hendrix, owner of Camelot Dairy. Our camel dairy is located on 35 acres of pasture in Wray, Colorado, a few miles from the Nebraska line. 

From my earliest days I’ve had a passion for dairy production. I grew up working with beef cattle, and my first chore was helping babies get milk from “nurse” cows. Around age seven, I got “Rosie,” my first registered Holstein heifer, as a Christmas present. From then on I was hooked! I showed her at the fair, and went on to compete with several breeds in state fairs and at national breed associations. I also milked registered dairy goats. As a teen, I was very involved in 4-H and Future Farmers of America (FFA), becoming FFA Chapter President and winning numerous FFA awards.

After pursuing an agriculture business degree, I worked with large dairies, overseeing herds of 700 cows to 3,000 cows. An internship gave me great experience in milk processing, cheese making, ice cream and more. I also learned A.I. (artificial insemination) and did my own embryo transfers. In 2007 I took an intensive course at the National Embryo Transfer School, with the goal of improving cattle breeds.

I’m married to Holly, and we have three boys and a baby girl: Evan, Asher, Reed and Sarah! It’s great to be able to raise our kids on a family farm and they help with the animals every day. My older boys have started their own little business, selling their chickens’ free-range eggs. Holly supports the dairy by putting labels on our bottles and helping fill them with fresh milk, and the kids love to help out too. We also do seasonal reindeer work. It’s a real treat to bring our reindeer out in public and see all the kids smiling at Christmas. We started using camels in April 2013 for our Christmas work, and then decided to start a dairy herd.

Our camel dairy and milk production plant was licensed in November 2014. We provide pasteurized and raw camel milk. Our milk is regularly safety-tested with top-notch results, and we test our animals for TB and Brucellosis. We love serving our customers and their families, who often are truly in need of our wholesome milk. We strive to provide the best-tasting, safest and quality-controlled camel milk in the USA. We want each and every one of you to be blessed with better health and happier families.

Camelot Camel Dairy, has retained Connor Heering and Camel Milk Cooperative to handle all of our ecommerce and "back office" work. The Coop is NOT reselling our milk, they are just simply taking care of all of our customers and customer order coordination and service, so we can efficiently manage our operation and produce quality milk for you. Your order goes through their website and will come straight to our farm where we still have direct farm to consumer product to your doorstep. We are still offering both raw and pasteurized milk. Our operation has now included organic practices, as well as non gmo, soy and gluten free (NO corn). We look forward to serving you! Thank you. - Kyle Hendrix